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Frost Like Night 
September 20 
5/5 stars

Hello Everyone! Long time no see (or write? hear? you get the gist) Late last year I had decided that blogging wasn't for me.. that I would stick to goodreads reviews, because that was easy for me. But I have decided to get back into blogging. I want to challenge myself to keep this up. I hope you will be seeing a lot more from me very soon.

So yes! I got my hands on a beautiful beautiful ARC of Frost Like Night, by the lovely Sara Raasch! (Thank you Sara for sending it to me! You are the best!)

This is the last book in her debut Snow Like Ashes series. And let's just say, this book definetly delivered ALL THE FEELS!

If you haven't heard of Frost Like Night, first of all: Why? Second of all: GO READ SNOW LIKE ASHES AND ICE LIKE FIRE! Then come back to hear more about FLN!

Check out the Synopsis: (SPOILERS FOR SLA AND ILF)

"Angra is alive, his Decay is spreading—and no one is safe.

Meira will do anything to save her world. With Angra trying to break through her mental defenses, she desperately needs to learn to control her own magic—so when the leader of a mysterious Order from Paisly offers to teach her, she jumps at the chance. But the true solution to stopping the Decay lies in a labyrinth deep beneath the Season Kingdoms. To defeat Angra, Meira will have to enter the labyrinth, destroy the very magic she’s learning to control—and make the biggest sacrifice of all.

Mather will do anything to save his queen. He needs to rally the Children of the Thaw, find Meira—and finally tell her how he really feels. But with a plan of attack that leaves no kingdom unscathed and a major betrayal within their ranks, winning the war—and protecting Meira—slips farther and farther out of reach.

Ceridwen will do anything to save her people. Angra had her brother killed, stole her kingdom, and made her a prisoner. But when she’s freed by an unexpected ally who reveals a shocking truth behind Summer’s slave trade, Ceridwen must take action to save her true love and her kingdom, even if it costs her what little she has left.

As Angra unleashes the Decay on the world, Meira, Mather, and Ceridwen must bring the kingdoms of Primoria together…or lose everything."

DUN... DUN... DUN!

Doesn't that just sound amazing? IT WAS!

I gave this book 5 beautiful stars, even though it deserves a billion star rating.
It absolutely blew me away and might be my favorite from the whole series.
I loved Frost Like Night SO MUCH. Everything about it was fantastic. So much action, emotion, ROMANCE, and fierce warrior queen moments(!!!). Meira is literally the definition of badass in this book. She has taught me so much through out the SLA trilogy, and to see her shining (Being a queen, but also Meira/the warrior/fierce af) in this book made me so freaking happy. (Not to mention Ceridwen POV'S?!? I actually died)
I have an endless amount of love for this story, these characters, the world of Primoria, and the lovely author herself, Sara Raasch. She did an absolutely amazing job of wrapping the series up in the BEST way possible. I know Sara said we should hate her after reading (Which I definitely came close to at times *cough* *cough*, character deaths -.-) but, I feel like this book has made me love her even more. And although there were losses that I was very heart broken over, I have reluctantly come to accept their fates (this included lots of crying, and internal screaming). Sara made sure to honor those that were lost in such a beautiful way. I just feel that everything in this book flowed beautifully and came together in a cohesive and amazing ending. I am overly satisfied with this book. I have SO many feelings that I want to share (Most of them along the lines of "OMG OMG YES OTP" or "WHY WHY WHY NO") but I do not want to spoil anyone. Basically this book will make you want to cry, scream, swoon, and squeal (so literally ALL the feels). This book was very bittersweet. I can't believe SLA is over. I am so proud of Sara, and I want to thank her for writing the Snow Like Ashes series. It has impacted me in the best way and I am forever grateful. :D

10/10 would recommend!

Read this book and support this author. She is the sweetest and really deserves it!! (plus her writing is freaking amazing)

The Verdict:
-If you have read the first two books in the series- you will like this book (maybe even more)
-If you like ships- you will like this book
-If you are into fierce female characters- you will like this book
-If you like LGBTQ+ representation in books- you will like this book
-If you are human- you will like this book
-If you get upset over character deaths- you will probably still like this book

Definitely pick up a copy of Frost Like Night when it hits shelves September 20th!

I am glad to announce that I am apart of Sara's FLN War Council (this did not in any way sway my opinion of the book- it was just THAT good. All opinions and thoughts are my own)

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Hope you have an amazing day :D

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